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"What Diane brought to our many-months-dialogue concerning this novel---as she has done in the past---is not only her perfect pitch for language and unerring sense of story, but an understanding of the lives of children and parents and what it means to a mother, a sibling, a child, that mirrors and complements mine as closely as that of any person I have ever known."    


Joyce Maynard, THE USUAL RULES: A Novel  (Picador USA)




"Then---there is the queen of Queenmaker's friends, my amazing and supportive editor, Diane Higgins.  No writer could ask for a better editor; to have her guiding my book into its future is an author's dream come true."


India Edgill, QUEENMAKER: A Novel of King David's Queen  (St. Martin's Press)                                        (This novel was originally self-published with Xlibris press) 




"I have been writing professionally for 40-plus years and have a very definite style and believed Diane would simply offer advice on how to shape this novel of mine into a manuscript ready for publication--- But...AND this is a big BUT...

She has done so much more.

Diane has encouraged me to go deep within myself and write with more gravitas and find the honesty and universal truths hidden in my heart and soul and the result is astounding.  What she has edited is the best writing I have ever done.

The woman is a genius---a very soulful and romantic and brilliant person.  The kind of person you want on your writing team and as a friend.  Plus, she must have been one of those who paid attention to the requisite classes on grammar in junior high.  (She doesn't miss a thing).  






"There is not one sentence in these pages that does not reflect Diane's exquisitely subtle ear and eye.  My writing has been permanently altered by the experience of working with her."  


Joyce Maynard,  AT HOME IN THE WORLD: A Memoir  (Picador USA)



"So much good info on 'Iceberg'... you should be teaching at Harvard!"


 G. Hornlocker,  Coaching Client

"Wow.  All I can say is Wow!" 


 Eric H., Coaching Client







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